Founders Coaching

“Working with Matthew was a game changer. Before we started working together, I was at my whits end. I was ready to quit. Matthew helped me get the ship back on course and re-energized me to take control. The results have been real. I just brought on new funding and a new partner. I have a vision for the business that excites me and I feel more committed to achieving that vision than ever before.”

Steve CEO Startup (Post Series A)

Running a startup is one of the more personal adventures an individual can experience.

The number one feeling the majority of startup CEOs feel is loneliness. The second is that it is negatively impacting their mental health.

As a founder you don’t need another consultant to generate new ideas that you have no time to implement. You need someone to help you execute so you can build your business. You need someone to help you access skills inside you that up until now you never knew you needed.

You need someone to help you thrive, not just survive, the start-up experience. 

“Working with Matt was a life saver”

T. CEO Startup (Pre-Series A)

What either& Does

We work with the leaders of early-to-mid-sized businesses and high-growth startups to overcome the critical, and highly personal, challenges related to the pressure of growing their companies. We do this through one-on-one coaching and at times team coaching.

We help founders to become the leaders they’ve always wanted to be and build the companies they set out to create. We do this by partnering with the person they were born to be…..not with the person they are today. 

How Does It Work?

While every startup is unique, the majority of issues that CEOs face in building their business are exactly the same–because nothing will kill a startup faster than bad leadership, bad management and bad cultures.

This is where either& comes in. We’ve been there.

The either& process is based upon growing your company while growing you. No one is born knowing how to be a CEO. Becoming a good one, requires a growth mindset and a commitment to stretching yourself. either&’s job is keep you in a growth mindset and push you to grow in ways you never thought possible by providing honest, objective feedback combined with constant encouragement.

It’s not about ‘rah rah rah’, it’s about facilitating breakthroughs that allow you to see problems differently so you can lead more effectively. 

It’s also about holding you accountable to your best self by developing a deeper understanding and awareness of who you are and then getting you to commit to constant evolution as a person, so you can open yourself up to truly grow as a leader.

“Working with Matt has been an amazing experience that has helped me grow not only as a leader but as a human.”

Rebecca. CEO Startup (Post-Series B)