Executive Coaching

“Before I started working with Matt, I felt like I’d lost my mojo.  Matt helped me develop a vision for the next phase of my business…and my life!….that truly excited me. I’m feeling fitter and more committed to creating something that outlasts me more than ever before. I highly recommend working with Matt.”

Jim, CEO-Major Retail Operation (30+ employees)

What we do

either& helps CEOs and high performers move from good to great.

We do this by working with them to create a bold vision for their life and career that is connected to a genuine sense of purpose.  This is a process that goes beyond simple cheerleading coaching and accountability (though this is part of the process). It’s about removing old habits, inner narratives and assumptions that have been holding them back, so they can experience profound shifts and achieve what was once thought to be impossible.

It’s about relentlessly partnering with clients so they can live their fullest self in every aspect of their life.

This can come in the form of working with clients to enact complex organizational transformation, to develop new lines of business, or to learn to live and lead more authentically.  Or it can be more personal issues such as improving work life balance, negotiating a big career change, or something else entirely.

Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) found that ‘training on its own increases productivity by 22%, whereas combining it with coaching increases productivity by 88%’.

How does it work?

Engagements are tailored based upon each client’s needs, however, for standard engagements we meet every 10 days for 1 hour. During the initial period we dig deep into your values, vision for your life, fears, hopes and dreams and then create a plan of attack. After that I work with you to hold you accountable to your outcomes and, most importantly, your best self.

It’s an amazing process that combines peak performance training, mindfulness, NLP and management consulting frameworks to bring about profound shifts that lead to lasting outcomes.

“I genuinely feel more balanced and more productive as a result of working with Matt…and the best part is I’m finally achieving the revenue targets I always dreamed of.  ”

Rob – CEO Digital Advertising Agency

Here’s what can be expected:

-Increased productivity and achievement of goals once thought impossible;

-Strengthening relationships and building trust with your team;

-Initiating goal-setting and metrics for subordinate development;

-Re-igniting your passion and excitement for work;

-Navigating complex situations and generating consensus

-A more empowered, inspired and authentic life;

-Increased work performance and abundance;

-The release of limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that have prevented genuine happiness, transformational growth, and a life of your choosing;

-Increased fitness;

-Work life balance and fulfillment;

-Becoming who you were always meant to be